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Donauchem Austria offers an extensive portfolio of raw materials for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. We are certified in accordance with ISO 22000- and ISO 9001-certified and have storage space at our highly modern site in Pischelsdorf that has been specifically designed for the requirements of food storage. 

We supply sweeteners, phosphates, flavours and flavouring substances, natural colours, preservation agents, extracts, carbonates, gluconates, thickeners, citrates, starches and other products, delivered from stock from our three sites in Austria.
We also offer the product groups citrate, carbonate, acetate chloride, propionate, gluconate, lactate and sulphate. These products are also provided in pharmaceutical quality.
  • Prezel lye
    Prezel lye

    For a better success: especially pure Donau Chemie caustic solution for your high-quality pastry production.

  • Acetic acid & acetates
    Acetic acid & acetates

    Acetic acid is one of the most important organic acids in our lives and is of great importance as a flavouring agent, acidifier and microorganism inhibitor.

  • Natural food colors
    Natural food colors

    The colour of food has always had an important effect on people's perception, because colour is an essential factor for acceptance.

  • Gelatine & collagen
    Gelatine & collagen

    Gelatine and collagen are pure natural proteins obtained from animal raw materials.

  • Glycerine

    Glycerine is used in food and beverages mainly because of its water-binding properties as a moisturizer but also as a sweetener.

  • Cocoa

    Cocoa powder, natural and alkalised, is now available from us in best quality.

  • Lactic acid & lactates
    Lactic acid & lactates

    We supply high quality and especially pure lactic acid and lactates from European production.

  • Phosphates

    Phosphates are difficult to replace in food processing due to their multifunctionality.

  • Phosphate mixtures
    Phosphate mixtures

    The use of phosphate mixtures in meat processing and processed cheese production offers several advantages.

  • Smoke flavourings
    Smoke flavourings

    Refine foods such as meat or fish with hardwood smoke and improve storage life.

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