Prezel lye

General information

Pretzel lye is used in the production of lye pastries. Lye pastry is a special type of usually smaller pastry in which the dough pieces are dipped in caustic soda solution before baking. In commercial production, this is limited to a maximum 4% concentration of caustic solution. The caustic solution reacts with the gluten of the dough and releases amino acids. The amino acids enter a Maillard reaction with the sugars. This creates the typical shiny brown surface during baking and gives the pastry its special, strong taste. The lye only remains on the dough surface and does not penetrate into the dough.

Features & benefits

Donauchem supplies 32-% particularly pure direct caustic solution of Austrian origin produced in food quality by Donau Chemie as pretzel solution for your high-quality pretzel pastry production. The product is produced from sodium chloride by electrolysis using the membrane process and directly filled.  

Application & dosage

Typical lye pastries are small pastries such as the lye pretzel, the lye roll, the lye stick and the so-called lye confectionery - praline-sized lye pastries with various sprinkled ingredients (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc.). More and more frequently, lye bagels and lye curls are also produced, which are often offered for sale topped with various ingredients. In addition, there is the lye croissant and the thin pretzels and pretzels as permanent pastries or snacks.

Dilute 1 kg lye with 10-12 kg water. Fill with water first, then stir the lye intensively for approx. 5 minutes to achieve an even lye bath. 

Food law aspects & certifications

Caustic soda lye brezellauge LQ 32% corresponds to the quality of the food additive E 524 according to the food additive regulation in the valid version. Due to the caustic effect, no microbiological contamination is present. Our pretzel lye is free of GMO, BSE/TSE and allergens according to the relevant EU directives. The MHD is at least 24 months. Donauchem is HACCP and ISO 9001 certified.


The 7 kg canister is the standard container - other containers and customer-specific fillings are also available on request.  
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