Gelatine & collagen

General information

Gelatine and collagen hydrolysates are pure collagen proteins obtained from the animal raw materials pig, beef and fish.
While gelatine is the gelling agent par excellence, collagen hydrolysates have no gelling properties. Both are foodstuffs and not food additives with an E number. They contain eighteen amino acids and eight of the nine essential amino acids.

Properties & advantages

Due to its unique properties, gelatine is the most widely used hydrocolloid in the world.

The advantages of gelatine over carrageenan, pectin, alginates and starches at a glance:
  • Gelling, thickening, water-binding, emulsifying, foaming, layer-forming at the same time
  • A food ingredient, no E-number, therefore a clean-labelling raw material.
  • Thermoreversible gels that melt at body temperature for excellent mouth feel
  • Available in different gel strengths (Bloom numbers) and grain sizes (Mesh)
  • Is complete and easily digestible
  • Gels within the normal pH range of foodstuffs and does not require the addition of salts, sugar or acids.
Compared to other protein hydrolysates such as soy or whey, collagen hydrolysate has no bitter taste. It also does not cause any known allergic reactions. And unlike other products, it has been scientifically researched and has no undesirable side effects.


Product & use

Pork gelatine - 50 to 320 Bloom - 4 to 60 Mesh
Beef gelatine - 50 to 280 Bloom - 4 to 60 Mesh

Gelatine is used in food production whenever a natural ingredient with multifunctional properties is needed to keep products in shape. Typical applications include sweets, bakery products, dairy products, desserts, meat and fish products and pet food.

Collagen hydrolysates are available from pork and beef in different quality grades of colour, taste and smell for applications in bone health, joint health, weight control, sports nutrition and animal health.


Food Law Aspects & Certifications

European origin, ISO 9001, HACCP and BRC certified. The beef products are Halal and Kosher.



25 kg bags or big bags on Euro pallets, H1 pallets possible.
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