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Donau Pool Collection provides you with a sophisticated range of products that ensures a safe and hygienic operation of public swimming pools, thermal baths and spas.  Decisive for the selection of the care products is the available water quality: The perfectly coordinated range of Donau Pool Collection services all your needs with continuous care and little effort. Hygienically clean surfaces and guaranteed perfect pool water ensures a healthy bathing experience for your guests with a crystal clear Vision.


Hygienically clean and crystal clear.

Chlorine Liquid:
Because of its immediate and long-lasting effect the world's most widely used disinfectant. Very inexpensive. We supply pressure vessels at 50 kg and 65 kg as well as drums at 500 kg and 1,000 kg.

Other Chlorine products:
In smaller baths often different disinfection procedures are used. Therefore we offer chlorine granules and Sodium Hypochlorite in different package sizes.

With commercial solutions (eg based on caustic soda for pH increase or based on salt or sulfuric acid to decrease the pH-value) in different concentrations and package sizes - 30 kg to 1,000 kg / IBC - we meet every requirement. Also available: solid products for preliminary dissolving (eg based on sodium carbonate and sodium hydrogen sulphate).

Additional Water Care:
Wide range of flocculating agents (with appropriate filtration technologies) against turbidity caused by organic pollutants and suspended particles (eg, skin particles pollen, sun cream), anti-algae and wintering resources for long periods (eg winter rest).

Hygienic Products:
Full range of cleaning agents for cleaning surfaces such as edge cleaners, stainless steel cleaner, acid and alkaline cleaners, etc.

Safety und Emergencies:
Sodium thiosulfate as a binder for chlorine, emergency equipment for chlorine cylinders as well as a wide range of different safety tools.

The products and fields of application of the Donau Pool Collection:

Usage Product Description Chemical Description or Comment
Disinfection Donau Chlorine Gas Liquid only available with toxic substance acquisition permit
Chlorine Gas-Emergency-Set TÜV-tested
Donau Chlorine Granules HTH inorganic 70% active chlorine
Donau Chlorine Granules HTH 70% active chlorine
Donauchlorin Plus Pool Col. Hypochloritlösung 13%
Donau Chlorine Granules 55 Pool Col. 55% active chlorine
Donau Multi Funtional Tablets 90/200 Pool Col. 90% active chlorine
Donau Oxygen Granular Pool Col. Potassium peroxomonosulfate
pH+ Regulation Donau PH Plus liquid/30 Pool Col. Sodium Hydroxide 30%
Donau PH Plus liquid/50 Pool Col. Sodium Hydroxide 50%
Donau Sodium Carbonate pH-Plus Pool Col. Sodium Carbonate Soda
Sodium Carbonate schw. (Soda heavy) Sodium Carbonate (Soda heavy)
pH- Regulation Donau PH Minus liquid/37 Pool Col. Sulfuric Acid 37 %
Donau PH Minus liquid/50 Pool Col. Sulfuric Acid 50 %
Sodium Bisulfate gek. Sodium Bisulfate / PH-Minus Granulated
Donau PH-Minus - Granulated Pool Col. Sodium Bisulfate
 Water Care Donau Multifloc liquid Pool Col. Gebrauchslösung Polyaluminiumhydroxid-Chloride-Lsg.
Donau Multifloc liquid Pool Col. Concentrate Polyaluminiumhydroxid-Chloride-Lsg.
Donau Multifloc duo Pool Col. Polyaluminiumhydroxid + Ferral
Donau Algae Stop 9,9 Pool Col.  
Donau Aquaclear Pool Col. Aquaclear Winter Protection
 Pool Care Donau Aquaclean Niro Pool Col. Phosphoric Acid -Base
Donau Aquaclean Aci Pool Col. Phosphoric Acid 25%
Donau Aquaclean Bas Pool Col. Anionic Surfactants
Sodium Thiosulfate / Fixiernatron Sodium Thiosulfate
Industrial Salt / Tabletts  
Industrial Salt  
Measuring tablets - Phenolrot Regulation PH  
Measuring tablets - DPD 1, Free Chlorine  
Measuring tablets - DPD 3, Total Chlorine  

For your safety.
In order to avoid confusion, the 25 kg disposable containers have been colored in respective field of application for unique distinction.

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