Detergents & Cosmetics

Selected raw materials for cleaning, hygiene and cosmetics

Our range includes key raw materials for cleaning agents, hygiene products and cosmetics. We supply customers for a wide range of Applications with simple commodities such as acids, alkalis and solvents as well as with special wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, preservatives and biocides to cosmetic active ingredients.


Wetting agents and emulsifiers are required for all products in the cleaning and hygiene sector. We stock all common types from surfactants to special emulsifiers for cosmetics and low-foaming wetting agents for industry.

Complexing agents and dispersing agents

From the dispersion of lime precipitates in aqueous cleanings to their use in cosmetic products, the following products are available we offer all important types of complexing agents and dispersing agents.

Preservatives and biocides

As protection against harmful organisms, biocides and preservatives are used in many products. We introduce complete portfolio of preservatives and various biocides, optimally adapted to your application can become.

Active ingredients

We have a portfolio of simple moisturizers, replenishers and moisturizers specially designed for cosmetics.

Consistency enhancer

Thickeners as well as fats, oils and waxes provide stability and strength in creams and ointments. Our wide range enables our customers to achieve the right consistency of their blends.


In the field of acids, alkalis, industrial solids and solvents, we offer our customers a comprehensive selection of products and qualities. A list can be found in our Commodities portfolio.
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